This is the Myrtle Beach April 2009 Vacation page for M3 & M4.

Look below for lots of fun pictures.

4/17/09 0100 EST: As requested by M1, we have provided a few updates tonight...


The first day, M3 & M4 need to refuel. m3 & m4 eating mac and cheese
We are lucky!  There are 6 Pelican baseball games while we are here.  Saturday night was dollar dog night!!!  We also got magnets, souvenir cups and a foul ball!!!
We like to eat at the ballpark.   That reminds me of a song...
Nani is a silly one.  Here the scoreboard is in the background.
What would Myrtle beach be without swimming in the Atlantic Ocean?
It is chilly at 7:30 pm though.
The lazy river is heated.

blind taste test We had a taste test today.  Tangelos vs. Oranges.   After somebody said they did not like tangelos.....  M3 picked item 2.  M4 picked item 1.  .... Tah Dah.....

Both of them choose Tangelos.
Time for some monkey golf lessons with Ed at Cane Patch.  Ed was a high school teacher for 27 years in New Jersey before he retired to Myrtle Beach 7 years ago.  He is a good, patient teacher.
Both monkeys liked ed.
Later in the day, M3 & M4 go out to the par 3 to practice what Ed taught them.
Even Aunt Penelope learned from Ed.
  We met Clint & Mariah from Ohio at the Cane Patch.  Clint is a math teacher in High School.  Callem got Clints biggest tips for Algebra:
1.  Always take notes.
2.  Ask questions if you do not the teacher will think you know and move on without questions.

Always show proper etiquette on the golf course.  Especially at the end of a round.   
 Keeping Monkeys and their cousin happy while at the Outlet shops is easy.... It just costs $1 per 2 minutes...  

Bob Evans was a great place for the family to eat.  Unfortunately the manager did not focus on the group during the picture.  He focused on the sign.
Bob Evans dinner is a tradition in Myrtle Beach.
We are so lucky!  We got to go to a second Pelican Baseball game.
Here we are in the Landshark Lager Bleachers.  Various views...
Chic-fil-a is a great southern restaurant.  Eat mor Chikn!
We played golf at the Witch today.
At the witch, there are many hazards.  Where is Nani?
Some people ask me why we have pictures of M3 & M4.  Who is M1 and M2?  On the left, M1 is in goal.   Below, M2 is ready for a faceoff.
M1 played softball this year.  She is ready for the pitch.  Note that her number, 16, is the same as her brothers in hockey.
Oops.  there are problems with that file.

OK.  All the monkeys are in bed.  Golf tomorrow (again).

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