My Favorite Hawaii Businesses 

Here are some local businesses that I think you will appreciate and enjoy.  

All of these are friends of mine.  You will find their services and products worth checking out.  As I am referring you to them, they will reflect on me.  I only refer people who are friendly, helpful, and who give a high quality product.  Many are Japanese speaking.

Wacha Sea crocheted bikini tops, string bottoms, Halters, scarves and more to wear to the beach or a party.  Wow! check these out...  (Regina speaks English and understands some Japanese.)
Green Dolphin Dive Shop.  Located in Waikiki.  Beginning Dive instruction through Dive Master instruction.  Also, "try it out" dives.  English and Japanese speaking.  In the Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel at 2375 Ala Wai Blvd.  Tel:  921-3230.  Fax:  922-8196.  Here is their email address:
English instruction.  In groups and individually.  Also, conversation time.
Local born artist Ed Furuike.  He currently lives in San Francisco.  He stays in my units on his many visits each year to Hawaii to paint.  His work is available thru the Cedar Street Galleries locally.  Here is their website:
diamond head from Waialae Nui Ridge  
one more   
last one   
waikiki from waialae nui ridge   

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